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Congratulations!  – at St Andrews Lhanbryd and Urquhart  we are delighted that you want God to be part of your special day. Breda, the minister will be glad to speak to you about the possibility of getting married in the Church.

Weddings are special to ourselves as a congregation because we believe the Love and commitment between husband and wife should be blessed from the start in front of family and friend benefits from being Blessed by God.

If you live within our parish, or have a connection with our church  – we would be delighted if you choose to share your special day with us.  Those living outside our boundaries  after receiving consent from their own Parish minister may also marry in our church.

Frequently asked Questions

Am I required to join the Church?

No,  but we would appreciate you joining us for worship so that we may get to know you, as weddings are very special to those in the congregation.

Do I need to promise to “obey”?

No, but you will be asked to Love your spouse.

Do I need to get married in white?


Can a friend or a family member say a few words?

Yes, the minister will be happy to speak with them before the day and agree a  suitable time for their involvement.

I just want a quiet wedding?

Big or small we will be delighted to share your special day with you.

What if I have been living with my partner?

We are delighted that you wish to formalise your relationship in a Christian service

What if I have been married before?

Providing you are divorced and can provide evidence of that, the minister will normally be happy to conduct the service.

Does my wedding need to be on a Saturday?

No, we will try to accommodate your needs as best as possible.

I already have children 

We look forward to welcoming you all on your special date.

Does it cost a lot?

No – there is a small charge to cover the cost of the organist,the beadle and the use of the building.

I would like a rehearsal and access for flowers?

We would expect that and be glad to accommodate.

Does the Wedding need to be in the  Church? 

It is the minister’s preference that marriages are conducted in the church building – In exceptional circumstances other locations might be considered on request.

Can I take photographs in Church?

Yes, professional photo’s are permitted during the service if taken discretely, without flash  with respect and only after prior consultation with the minister before the day.

What should I do to start arranging a wedding at St Andrews Lhanbryd and Urquhart Church? :

Contact the church by email or phone.