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CONNECT aims to re-connect our church with young people and families.

It is an informal hour of breakfast, fellowship and learning from the Bible aimed at all ages.

It happens in the church hall on the first Sunday of the month with a light breakfast from 10.00.

Example of  format

10:00 amInformal breakfast 
10:30 amContemporary Praise followed by introduction to theme with film clips
11:00 amChoice of crafts, discussion or reflection related to the topic
11:30 amConnecting together for feedback on the various activities 
11:40 amInformal Intercessory prayer and contemporary praise 
11:45 amAfter service teas and coffees 


Sunday 7th  April 2024  

Examples of Previous CONNECTS


Psalm 133 – United as God’s family 

God is with us – Emmanuel 

Getting to know the Lord in our families

Look back at PAUL’S Journeys – how do they compare to your journey of faith?

Is Gideon worth his place in the NT Hall of Fame?        

The Banquet – all are invited

Waiting and Watching

God’s ways, not our ways – what we learn from David & Goliath

From small things like mustard seed …

Welcome Everybody

Do not worry – easy to say, but often hard to do!

In Narnia it was “Always Winter never Christmas” until HE CAME.


How do the big themes of forgiveness and reconciliation from “Invictus” challenge and shape our Christian faith?

Weaving our prayers together as we bring our thoughts to God