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Making the unknown God Known

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Making the unknown God known

Based on N.T. Wright’s book Broken Signposts

Justice, Love, Spirituality, Beauty, Freedom, Truth and Power… These are ideals that we all strive for.

N.T. Wright shows not only why we strive for these ideals, or ‘signposts’, but also why we so often experience them as broken. He also shows how Christianity provides us with the vision and resources for engaging with the questions posed by each signpost, pointing to a clear and compelling explanation of the world, and of our role and responsibility within it.

We will look at each signpost individually and see how they might open up conversation for evangelism.

Broken Signposts is available from Amazon  

Additional materials
Sermon Transcript 
Service Video including all age and scene setting
Questions for Reflection
The word “justice” gets abused and misused.  Videos on God’s definition of justice

Sermon Transcript

Service Video

Questions for Reflection

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