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Holy Communion

Holy Communion, otherwise known as the Lord’s Supper, is a sacrament in which the Church remembers the death of Christ by eating bread and drinking wine, symbolising the body and blood of Christ. The bread and wine are also known as the “elements”. The sacrament  is open to all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ and have made public profession of faith. 

We celebrate Communion at our morning service on the first Sunday of the  Months of September, December, March and June  plus at other times : Holy Week and occasionally at the Evening Service in  St Margaret’s Hall , Urquhart.  For those that are unable to attend communion on health grounds  – the minister will by arrangement  conduct the sacrament either at home, hospital or care home. 

We recognise it as an open table  belonging to God and understand that all who Love the Lord Jesus are invited to participate in the meal.

At SALU we use alcohol free wine and gluten free bread to allow as may people as possible to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Children are welcome to share in the sacrament of communion, to some people this might be surprising as traditionally Communion in the Church of Scotland has been an all adult affair.  However,  that was not always the case, the practice of children at communion is as old as the church itself.   We feel that without children being invited to  the Lord’s Supper our faith community would be incomplete. If parents have any question please speak with Andrew the Minister.

A prayer for Communion :

This is Christ’s body given for me…;

for my gossiping
for my lust
for my greed
for my pride
for my lack of interest
for my selfishness
for my belligerence
for my idolatry
for my hatred
for my coveting
for my laziness
for my jealousy

… so that I might become pure, and that my sins would be washed clean and removed as far as the east is from the west.

Something marvellous is happening in that Supper. I hope that you all can experience it and enjoy it with your fellow believers.

Resources for further though and reflection.